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Rethink Your Talent Marketplace

Getting the right people on board is the key to a successful business.

Rethink Your Talent Marketplace…

…revitalise your business

The lifeblood of any company is the people that work there. But, while getting the right people on board is the key to a successful business, it’s vital to align the needs of the organisation and your business model with every aspect of the human resources available to you. This means getting the best from the people you already have working for you, as well as finding the best candidates to complement and complete a truly effective workforce.

At Eximium, we bring this all together in your talent marketplace.

Because your talent makes you who you are

By auditing your current structure, staff and working practice, we’re able to ensure you’re getting the most from the people you already have working for you and can advise on what you can do to optimise your workforce for further operational success and efficiency.

And if that means hiring new staff, we can help with that too.

Read on to find out just how we do that…

What we can do for you

From workforce planning and staff development, to hiring and retention, we’ll examine every aspect of your operations that impacts on your talent marketplace and identify where you could be doing better. After that, we’ll review your objectives for the short, and longer term, and the best ways you can achieve them using the talent available to you now and the employees you’ll need in future.

We work in the way that suits you

There are three ways in which you can partner with us, depending on the size of your organisation, where your business is its evolution and where you want to take it next:

Short Partnership (6 months project)

Recalibrate your workforce for greater success

  • Suitable for small organisations seeking to make up to 5 hires
  • Creation of a talent strategy and implementation plan
  • Interviewing and hiring
  • On-boarding and retention

Intensive partnership (10 – 12 months project)

Revamp your organisational structure for long term business objectives

  • Suitable for organisations seeking hypergrowth up to 20 hires
  • Creation of a talent management plan and implementation
  • Interviewing and hiring
  • On-boarding and retention planning
  • Recruitment process implementation

Lead-in partnership

From just starting up to growing bigger

  • Suitable for small organisations that need help with 1 or 2 hires
  • Implementation of recruitment process
  • Interviewing and hiring

How Your Business Will Benefit

Talent optimisation – We’re all about talent at Eximium and making it work for you. Get more from your people with a talent audit and discover where and how your human resources can be redeployed for greater effectiveness.

Improved recruitment – Recruitment can be challenging. Get it wrong and it can cost your business dearly. On the other hand, get it right and your business can benefit hugely. Let Eximium show you how.

Cut costs and become more efficient – By cutting the time it takes to recruit the talent you actually need, not only does your business reduce its operating costs, but you’ll also become much more agile and efficient. Eximium can reduce your cost per hire by as much as 35%.

Scaleability – Thinking about future expansion? Make sure you have the talent needed to meet demand or scale up when needed. With partnerships all over the world, Eximium can help you grow in key markets such as the UK, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

Discover new insights – Our team has years of specialist experience in solving recruitment issues and delivering insights that can really help you do business better.

Priced to suit your needs – With three very different payment models, you choose the option that’s best for you. Like our other partners, you could discover that the savings and benefits far outweigh the costs.

Whether you’re just starting up, looking to optimise your HR/recruitment function, or simply ready to move to the next stage of your evolution, Eximium can make it happen.

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