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Our specialist talent sherpas guide your SaaS start-ups and scale-ups on their growth journey.

Iman L.

Founder of Eximium. Iman believes that the right people, coached properly, are the cornerstone of any successful business. Iman works face to face with you to help your company grow and be successful.

Michel V.

Director of Eximium, Michel is an expert in helping start-up companies make the move to international markets. His areas of expertise include setting up entities and employee contracts and payroll.

David D.P.

Co-founder of Eximium, David’s extensive knowledge in go-to-market strategies for start-ups helps companies address tactical challenges, guiding them to access top talent and achieve company goals.

Our Team

Eximium was founded in 2016 by Iman Lamrani and for the first three years was a successful recruitment and headhunting firm. In 2019, Eximium merged with two new partners, Michel Vanhoonacker and David Du Pré. This move brought new skillsets and a huge amount of experience and helped Eximium Talent LTD develop our management consultancy offering.

Our team works with you, your leadership and middle management teams to improve your offering and grow your business fast. Once you have received your Series A or Series B funding, we will integrate into your business as your very own expert HR Department. From there, we will gain a deep understanding of your company’s functionality and the strengths and weaknesses of all your teams. Then, we help you develop a business strategy that will help you scale the highest peaks and assist with recruitment of a team that will drive your SaaS start-up or scale-up on to the summit.

Iman Lamrani, founder of Eximium



Iman Lamrani


Leading from the front and driving your SaaS start-up or scale-up towards the peak, Iman is passionate about people and loves to work with the brightest talent in the tech industry. She has an instinct for matching the right talent with the right role, bringing together the fastest growing start-ups and scale-ups and the people that can accelerate that growth. Iman is an exceptional map reader and knows exactly which direction your business needs to grow so it can succeed.

Day to day, Iman delivers talent audits and creates personalised talent strategies for fast-growing start-ups and scale-ups across the UK and Europe. Iman will work closely with you to help develop a stronger understanding of your business and its needs. This will help her match the right talent to your tech start-up and build a high-performing team that help you hit the heights in even the most competitive global markets.

Eximium means everything to Iman. She understands just how difficult it can be to grow a start-up, but she also knows that with the right people and strategies in place, anything is possible. With the experience and know how Eximium has to offer, the first steps to growing your company and successfully guiding you on the treacherous path to your next round of funding are just a conversation away.

Iman Lamrani, founder of Eximium
Michel Vanhoonacker, co-founder of Eximium



Michel Vanhoonacker


Michel has the kind of business experience most people only dream of. He’s overseen the successful setup of over 200 businesses in the UK and has an extensive network of contacts throughout Europe and the US. He knows just how hard it can be to hit the right path and get your business where you want it to be. With the experience and the connections he’s made, Michel is the right person to help your SaaS start-up or scale-up flourish on the international stage.

To help your business succeed on its journey to the next round of funding, Sherpa Michel will work directly with you to gain a better understanding of the challenges you face on the road to the top and deliver solutions that will drive success. He knows how much your business means to you. So, the close working relationship that Michel will forge with you will help build the trust you need to allow him to guide you towards meeting your targets and reaching the summit.

Michel Vanhoonacker, co-founder of Eximium
David Du Pré, co-founder of Eximium


Du Pré

David Du Pré


Sherpa David has a wealth of experience helping fast-growing start-ups and scale-ups build towards their next round of funding. His previous posts include VP Sales of tech company Showpad, and founder of coaching specialists Silvercore, where his team helped guide SaaS start-ups and scale-ups in marketing, demand generation, leadership, and go-to-market strategy.

Using the experience gained in his previous roles, David will coach you on your leadership skills and go-to-market strategies. He’ll help your company address strategic and tactical challenges, making it easier to access top talent and achieve your long- and short-term goals. David will help your team get ready to face even the toughest challenges on your route to the top.

By optimizing and enhancing your culture, collaboration, and dynamics, David, and the rest of the team at Eximium, will help create high-performing teams that will bring fast growth and success to your start-up or scale-up. He’ll be your go-to-market Sherpa, supporting and challenging you during a period of exponential growth for your business.

David Du Pré, co-founder of Eximium
Marika Filut, Talent Consultant at Eximium



Marika Filut

Talent Partner

Marika is Eximium’s Talent Partner. In her role, she becomes part of your business, discovering your needs and finding HR and recruitment solutions to help you build high-performing teams. She is an expert in recruitment and HR, but she also has substantial experience in office management and health and safety, which helps her to further identify and understand your business’s needs.

Working with people is Marika’s passion. So much so, that she doesn’t view her journey as work because she loves it so much. Throughout her career, Marika has been helping businesses find and maintain their best talent. She loves to connect people with their dream careers, then coach them and see them grow and succeed on their path to the summit.

Marika Filut, Talent Consultant at Eximium


Is this website for both employers and employees?

Yes, whether you’re an employer or an employee, you can navigate to the relevant sections on the website to get the information you need. If you have any other questions, just contact us and one of our Sherpas will be in touch to set you on the right path.

What profiles does Eximium specialise in and what experience does the team have?

We specialise in go-to-market roles such as: sales, marketing, customer success, operations, finance, and legal. Our Sherpas can also focus on development roles, but that’s not one of our core areas.

Is Eximium a recruitment agency?

Eximium is much more than a recruitment agency. We’re a talent consultancy with two main focuses: Talent Acquisition and Talent Strategy. Our Sherpas provide guidance and advice to start-ups and scale-ups that want to grow. We build lasting relationships with our clients and develop partnerships by establishing a successful and effective HR Department and framework for company growth.

What are your rates and what commission do you charge an employer?

Eximium is not a traditional recruiter, so we don’t charge in the way traditional recruiters do. Our pricing is based on a ‘Talent as a Service’ subscription model. So, we charge monthly, fixed subscription fees based on specific targets and a fixed commission based on achieving those targets. This provides far better value and saves the client money when compared to traditional recruitment pricing models.

How long have you been recruiting for, and for whom?

Our founder, Iman Lamrani, has been in the talent industry since 2010 and our model is based on her personal experience and that of her clients. We’ve worked successfully with many SaaS companies such as Unit4, Intigriti, TeamLeader, Radix and many more. Our talent Sherpas have over 10 years’ combined experience in recruitment & HR.
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