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Can I submit my CV online and what happens to it afterwards?

You can submit your CV online. And whether you get the job or not, we always follow strict data protection guidelines. For further information, please read our data protection policy

Do you offer international positions, and do you recruit international profiles?

Our talent Sherpas helps SaaS companies grow faster and grow internationally. We recruit the best people regardless of their background or where they’re from, drawing on a pool of talent from across Europe, including the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and Spain.

Will somebody contact me if I don’t get the job?

Our talent Sherpas and partners are personally involved with each candidate from beginning to end, via the phone, in interviews, in meetings, whether they’re successful or not. So, you’ll be kept informed on every step of your journey with us.

Do you recruit for UK employers only, or do you also recruit for our subsidiaries in other countries?

We’ve been an international company from day one, recruiting and placing candidates all over Europe and now Asia. Our own team of Sherpas is also truly multi-national and, between us, we speak many different languages which makes it far easier to approach potential candidates and clients’ subsidiaries in their own language.
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