An Expert HR Team

Once we understand the DNA of your business

we integrate ourselves as your expert HR team, helping you recruit the right talent and develop the team you already have.

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Our Processes


Our Sherpas find out

what makes your SaaS start-up or scale-up tick and what strategies are needed for your business to succeed.


Once we get the DNA of your business

We integrate ourselves as your expert HR team, providing new talent and developing the talent you already have.


Depending on your business needs

Our Sherpas will guide you in one of the three key offerings.

Growing your company

This option is Talent Acquisition: from executive search up to commercial, go-to-market hires, or marketing and development roles. Our Sherpas carefully analyse your team and identify areas for improvement, and, with information they need, they hire and integrate the right people into your team.

  • Talent Audit
  • Sourcing & Hiring Talent
  • Candidate Engagement
  • Onboarding & Retention

Design of people and talent strategy

This option is solely People Strategy and involves HR consultancy and advice for seed companies who want to get to Series A funding and also the ones that need to move from Series A to Series B. Our Sherpas will mould the talent you already have, supporting and challenging them on their journey to the top.

  • Talent Development Coaching
  • Talent Management Strategy & Execution
  • Defining People Metrics to help you achieve the next round of funding
  • HR Business Strategy
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Leadership Coaching on People Management

The full package

This option includes all our services. We will create HR and Talent Strategies that will help your business be successful. You will get both: People Strategy and Talent Acquisition, where our Sherpas fuel the talent into your business and develop your team into world class SaaS mountaineers.

  • Talent Management Strategy
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy & Execution
  • Culture Creation, including DE&I
  • International Growth Development
  • HR Business Strategy
  • Onboarding and Retention


Is this website for both employers and employees?

Yes, whether you’re an employer or an employee, you can navigate to the relevant sections on the website to get the information you need. If you have any other questions, just contact us and one of our Sherpas will be in touch to set you on the right path.

Is Eximium a recruitment agency?

Eximium is much more than a recruitment agency. We’re a talent consultancy with two main focuses: Talent Acquisition and Talent Strategy. Our Sherpas provide guidance and advice to start-ups and scale-ups that want to grow. We build lasting relationships with our clients and develop partnerships by establishing a successful and effective HR Department and framework for company growth.

What are your rates and what commission do you charge an employer?

Eximium is not a traditional recruiter, so we don’t charge in the way traditional recruiters do. Our pricing is based on a ‘Talent as a Service’ subscription model. So, we charge monthly, fixed subscription fees based on specific targets and a fixed commission based on achieving those targets. This provides far better value and saves the client money when compared to traditional recruitment pricing models.

How long have you been recruiting for, and for whom?

Our founder, Iman Lamrani, has been in the talent industry since 2010 and our model is based on her personal experience and that of her clients. We’ve worked successfully with many SaaS companies such as Unit4, Intigriti, TeamLeader, Radix and many more. Our talent Sherpas have over 10 years’ combined experience in recruitment & HR.

Will we have a dedicated account manager or personal contact?

Our team of Sherpas, including our Talent Partners and Consultants are your personal contact all the way through the process, building a long-lasting partnership with both employer and candidate to obtain the best results for all parties involved.

Do you recruit for UK employers only, or do you also recruit for our subsidiaries in other countries?

We’ve been an international company from day one, recruiting and placing candidates all over Europe and now Asia. Our own team of Sherpas is also truly multi-national and, between us, we speak many different languages which makes it far easier to approach potential candidates and clients’ subsidiaries in their own language.
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