We are your people partners;

more than just consultants.

Streamlining in-house talent acquisition, we leverage expertise and technology to attract, assess, and onboard top talent, optimizing workforce capabilities. We cultivate and create exceptional cultures through tailored strategies, fostering Diversity & Equity, inclusiveness, and sustained growth.

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Our Processes

Phase 1

Assessment & Planning

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current talent landscape, identifying challenges and areas for improvement.

Phase 2

Talent acquisition

Utilise innovative sourcing methods, tailored interview frameworks, and data-driven insight to ensure the right fit for positions.

Phase 3

Pre boarding & Onboarding

Create robust preboarding process and onboarding plans to integrate new hires seamlessly into your company culture and operations.

Phase 4

Culture development

Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring a welcoming and empowering environment for all employees.

Phase 5

People development

Optimize people processes , career planning, and employee performance management to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Limited partnership

Establish a limited partnership to recruit one or two crucial strategic roles for the company on a retained basis. Our talent specialists carefully analyse your team and identify areas for improvement, and, with the information they need, they hire and integrate the right people into your team.

  • Advisory on the talent acquisition process
  • Strategic Talent Sourcing and Recruitment
  • Effective Candidate Engagement
  • Onboarding & Retention

General partnership

Our comprehensive 6-month People Strategy and Talent Acquisition initiative is designed specifically for Seed Tech startups aiming to secure Series A funding, as well as for those advancing from Series A to Series B.

  • Talent Acquisition Strategy.
  • Talent Processes and Consultancy.
  • Interview frameworks for the hire of GTM and product roles.
  • Advisory on People, Talent, Onboarding, Culture and Branding...
  • Developing and implementing robust processes to streamline operations.
  • Leadership Coaching on People Management

Strategic partnership

We serve Seed, Series A, and Series B firms as a complete Talent and People team, embedding ourselves to manage talent acquisition, people, and culture. Projects last 8 months to 1 year, hiring 8-24 FTE’s.

  • Dissecting your company’s DNA
  • Full time Talent Acquisiton funnel management
  • Culture Creation & Brand advisory
  • International Growth Development & HR compliance
  • Advisory on internal processes.
  • Onboarding and Retention


Is this website for both employers and employees?

Yes, whether you’re an employer or an employee, you can navigate to the relevant sections on the website to get the information you need. If you have any other questions, just contact us and one of our Sherpas will be in touch to set you on the right path.

Is Eximium a recruitment agency?

Eximium is much more than a recruitment agency. We’re a talent consultancy with two main focuses: Talent Acquisition and Talent Strategy. Our Sherpas provide guidance and advice to start-ups and scale-ups that want to grow. We build lasting relationships with our clients and develop partnerships by establishing a successful and effective HR Department and framework for company growth.

What are your rates and what commission do you charge an employer?

Eximium is not a traditional recruiter, so we don’t charge in the way traditional recruiters do. Our pricing is based on a ‘Talent as a Service’ subscription model. So, we charge monthly, fixed subscription fees based on specific targets and a fixed commission based on achieving those targets. This provides far better value and saves the client money when compared to traditional recruitment pricing models.

How long have you been recruiting for, and for whom?

Our founder, Iman Lamrani, has been in the talent industry since 2010 and our model is based on her personal experience and that of her clients. We’ve worked successfully with many SaaS companies such as Unit4, Intigriti, TeamLeader, Radix and many more. Our talent Sherpas have over 10 years’ combined experience in recruitment & HR.

Will we have a dedicated account manager or personal contact?

Our team of Sherpas, including our Talent Partners and Consultants are your personal contact all the way through the process, building a long-lasting partnership with both employer and candidate to obtain the best results for all parties involved.

Do you recruit for UK employers only, or do you also recruit for our subsidiaries in other countries?

We’ve been an international company from day one, recruiting and placing candidates all over Europe and now Asia. Our own team of Sherpas is also truly multi-national and, between us, we speak many different languages which makes it far easier to approach potential candidates and clients’ subsidiaries in their own language.
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